Eating in Trinidad and Tobago: a culinary trip around the world

Trinidad and Tobago’s enviable culinary landscape is a gastronomic narrative of flavours, encapsulating mouth-watering street food and fine dining cuisine. The unique cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago is a reflection of the country’s varied cultural influences, which includes Asian, African, Oriental, Creole and European delicacies - a journey around the world for your palate.


Upon exiting the airport at Piarco, you are immediately tempted by the aroma of doubles - a fried flat bread filled with chickpea curry. Equally popular is roti, an Indian flatbread with a vegetable or meat curry filling. As a snack on the beach, Bake and Fish is always popular - a fried sandwich with fish fillet and vegetables. Pies stuffed with potatoes or your favourite meat are another tasty 'street food' option.

Sweet Treats                                                                              

Trinidad and Tobago is easily the perfect place to enjoy an ice-cold coconut water or if you  feel for a sweet treat you can try a Snow Cone (colourful fruit-based syrups over shaved ice, drizzled with condensed milk). In Tobago, you can grab a bag of Bene Balls – a snack made from small sugar, sesame and molasses balls.

Essen Trinidad und Tobago


Trinidad and Tobago’s cuisine is world-renowned. At the restaurants lining Ariapita Avenue and the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain, you can try a different dish influenced by the islands’ cultural heritage: Spanish tapas, Japanese sushi, Indian curries, Lebanese, Italian, Chinese and Caribbean fusion cuisine.

You’ll find a range of casual and fine dining restaurants offering international and fusion Caribbean cuisine in Crown Point, Buccoo and Scarborough.  For authentic, local cuisine it is worth visiting the Store Bay Beach Facility.

Caribbean food culture can be experienced in all its variety at the annual  Blue Food Festival in Tobago.

You can find additional information about restaurants in Trinidad and Tobago here: www.créolé.com

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