On both islands you can access medical care at public and private hospitals, at clinics and at pharmacies. Your hotel can assist you with finding a doctor or a dentist if the need arises. However, it is always useful to pack a small first aid kit for emergencies and to travel with all your prescription and preferred over the counter medication.

Special vaccinations are not required for visitors from North America or Europe, however, it is recommended that you check with your doctor to ensure that your vaccinations and boosters are up to date.

It is also important to bring good mosquito repellent and bug spray, particularly on nature excursions to the rainforests and mangroves. Long sleeved shirts and long trousers in a light weight fabric and light colours are recommended, particularly at dawn and dusk when mosquito activity increases.

Tap water is safe to drink, however bottled water is widely available at supermarkets, bars, neighbourhood shops and food stalls.

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