Macqueripe Macqueripe
Small beach hidden in a bay, only 117 metres long and 16 metres wide. Perfect for swimming, snorkelling and diving.
Maracas Maracas
Trinidad's most popular beach and home to sun worshippers and surfers. Also known for the famous street food called „bake and shark“.
Tyrico Tyrico
Perfect if you want to get away from the crowds of Maracas and relax.
Las Cuevas Las Cuevas
The only blue-flag-certified beach and also the second most popular beach on the north coast. This beach is 22 kilometres long!
Blanchisseuse Bay Blanchisseuse Bay
With rough waves which are perfect for surfers. This beach provides you with everything you would expect from a Caribbean beach: Clear blue water, coconut trees and a small number of tourists.
San Souci Bay San Souci Bay
Surfers will love the waves at this popular beach.
Ballandra Bay Ballandra Bay
A good choice for people that want to go for a quiet swim and that like to relax. Also suitable for bodyboarding.
Bombshell Bay Bombshell Bay
Small beach situated at the east side of Gasparee Island, about 50 metres long.
Williams Bay Williams Bay
Even on very busy days, you will still find a vacant space at this 110 metres long beach.
Chagville Chagville
Artificial and well-equipped beach with golden sand, and spots for wind surfing and other sports.
Manzanilla Manzanilla
Enormous beach with a length of 4000 metres. Here, you will always find a quiet place in the sun.
Mayaro Mayaro
Situated at the biggest bay of the Atlantic Ocean. Impressive length (14,5 kilometres) and camping sites.
Vessigny Vessigny
Might not be the most beautiful beach, but still very popular because of the calm sea and the parties. The beach offers a good selection of exciting excursions on the weekends.
Granville Granville
Here, you will find 850 metres of the finest sand, and endless picturesque panoramas.