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There is no other place in the Caribbean like T&T. From the picturesque Pitch Lake to the Hemisphere's oldest protected rainforest, come experience a destination where THRILL meets TRANQUILITY.

Two Islands. Two Unique Experiences.

UWI SPEC International Half-Marathon 2014
26th October, 2014 - 26th October, 2014 -  The "University of The West Indies" will host its International half-marathon. The marathon will con...

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Bits and Pieces
1st November, 2014 - 1st November, 2014 -  Spend an evening exploring the local arts, craft and gourmet food of Trinidad and Tobago. Admission:...

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iCandy Band Launch 2015
1st November, 2014 - 2nd November, 2014 -  iCandy invites you to their 2015 Carnival band launch. All coolers must be in by 12:00am. Ticket cos...

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The Caribbean Nail and Beauty Show 2014
9th November, 2014 - 10th November, 2014 -  A two day trade show: It's a woman's world with hair products, nail art, make-up tricks and much mor...

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Southex Expo-Concepts 2014
25th November, 2014 - 28th November, 2014 -  This expo will feature a variety of businesses from areas in automotive, energy technology, industri...

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